We are MAN-CAT.

 Music miscreants stationed in Phoenix, AZ.

We resample a smattering of pop songs, twisting them into unrecognizable, fresh compost-compositions, and sing collaged lyrics from Top 40 hits over them.  

We’re just trying to feed pop music back to the consumers in the most subversive way possible.

If you’d like to know more, these people are better at talking about us than we are:

Seeing MAN-CAT perform live is a treat unto itself…these guys go so beyond what I usually see when I witness a ‘4-piece band’ play a set it’s ridiculous.”
Yab Yum - May 1, 2012

"The tiger-masked band delivered on their promise while riffing on Coachella’s much-ballyhooed Tupac Shakur stunt by trotting out "Hologram and Oates," a dude wrapped in Christmas lights and dressed as both members of the ’80s pop rockers, to perform a strange mish-mash of hits by the duo that included ‘Maneater.’"
Phoenix New Times - April 29, 2012

"They are all thievin’ heathens who make music through the illegal practice of sampling."
Phoenix New Times - Dec 15, 2011 

"Even the lead MAN-CAT jived as much as his leg brace contraption would permit."
The Spec - Oct 27, 2011

"MAN-CAT has launched a campaign designed to win the hearts and minds of cultural consumers."
My Old Kentucky Blog - Dec 16, 2010